Hello Friends!

Fernando here for the Florida House! I apologize for my absence in the last couple of weeks-it’s been so dreary around D.C. it’s been hard to do much! Luckily for us, Floridians know how to deal with the humidity and rain so we’ve still had a good amount of visitors. I wanted to write today to talk to you about our new intern, Lindsay.

Lindsay spent her summer in New York City for a big PR firm and got her degree in Public Relations in August from the University of West Florida (for all of our Pensacola followers out there!) As you may have seen, our Facebook page has been given a boost and we now have a Twitter! I would like to take all the credit, but Lindsay has definitely had her hand in helping people learn more about the Florida House and all that Washington, D.C. and the great state of Florida have to offer.

As some of you may know, the Supreme Court is back in session today. We’ve been talking about the three legislative branches of government: the legislative, judicial, and executive. With that said, we decided to find a video that helps explain how our government works. It’s by the classic School House Rock program. Check it out!

Do you know how a bill becomes a law?

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