Things To Look Forward To!

Good afternoon, friends!

It’s a dreary day here in Washington, D.C. but we’re staying busy at the Florida House! FSU seniors Richard Rose, John Vargas, and Avital Epstein are here this week working on a documentary about the Florida House. We’re really excited to have them here! It’s a great opportunity to spread the word about the Florida House! The documentary should be done by the beginning of next year so keep visiting our social media pages for updates. Many thanks to the congressional offices of Bill Nelson, John Mica, and Cathy Castor for their help in arranging interviews and filming at the Capitol!

Another exciting opportunity for the Florida House is the Viva Florida event in 2013 showcasing Florida’s 500th year commemoration. Kurt Browning, Florida’s Secretary of State, is working with the Florida House and the Florida Humanities Council to help prepare for the celebration. More information on the event can be found here: If you would like more historical information, you can also visit this website, dedicated to Florida’s history and specific celebrations throughout the state:

Right now we’re getting ready for our annual fall board meeting down in St. Petersburg at the famous Venoy Hotel. We’re really excited about getting into fall weather here in Washington, D.C.! Here’s to hoping everyone has had a great start to October!

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